Finding Your Gift Through Volunteerism

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” — William Shakespeare

For one week every April, organizations throughout the United States that rely upon volunteer involvement observe National Volunteer Week. Organized by Points of Light – the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, National Volunteer Week is designed to promote volunteerism and celebrate the impact volunteers can have in building stronger communities and transforming the world. At Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, we count on the time and talents of our volunteers to support ongoing programs like Adopt-A-Road and Adopt-A-Stream, as well as ensure the success of annual events like our Earth Day Recycling Event, Great Gwinnett Wetlands and Bring One for the Chipper – among others. In addition to celebrating our amazing network of volunteers – past and present, we’d like to take this opportunity to inspire others to find their gift and use it in the service of others. Here are a few compelling reasons – and ways – to volunteer:

Turn Your Passion Into Power: Whether you care deeply for the environment or simply love to spend time outdoors, volunteering with eco-focused organizations like Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful is a great way to do both. If your passions fall elsewhere – such as helping the homeless or working with animals – there are a treasure trove of incredible nonprofits all over Gwinnett County. Giving the gift of your time while pursuing your passions is a powerful thing. It’s also an awesome way to meet neighbors who share the same passions.

Use Your Talents for Good: Are you super-organized? Are you strong? Are you great at gardening? Are you a science buff? Are you a good motivator for others? Any and all of these talents make you an ideal volunteer for an organization like Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful – whether helping us sort recyclables during a recycling event, hauling trees during a chipper event or motivating your fellow volunteers to dig a little deeper and give their all. Our NEW spin on Great American Cleanup for 2019 presents an awesome opportunity for you to design a project, organize a team and make it happen. If your project idea is selected (we’ll choose one per month), Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful will supply you with the tools you need to get the job done. Having trouble assembling a team? We can help with that, too!

Find Your Gift: At Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, we are big believers in engaging and inspiring Gwinnettians to take action from a young age. Programs like Green & Healthy Schools and Plant-It Forward get elementary through high school age-children involved and thinking about the environment. Our Green Youth Advisory Council is an incredible leadership opportunity for high school age kids who are concerned about our impact on the environment and are empowered to make a change. In all instances, these children are learning the value and importance of volunteerism. They are also being exposed to opportunities that could reveal a hidden talent that might take them from aspiring environmentalist to a force for change.

Inspire Others: We are always in awe of the companies that gather a group to take part in one of our programs or events, friends who consistently volunteer together, and families who encourage their children as young as 14 to give several hours of their Saturday in support of a good cause. In addition to giving the gifts of their time and talents, the person who inspired the others to join them has found true meaning in the phrase “paying it forward.”

To explore volunteer opportunities at Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, please visit our Volunteer Page.