What is meant by Green and Healthy?

The Green & Healthy School Program is joint initiative of Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful and Gwinnett County Public Schools. It is a system of strategic planning, teaching, learning and doing that results in a greener and healthier natural world.

Making your way to a Green & Healthy School begins with The Green & Healthy Achievement Profile ( G-HAP) .

The Green & Healthy Achievement Profile (G- HAP) is a roadmap / action plan for schools, administrators, and teachers to guide in the planning, executing, and assessing the effectiveness of environmental lessons, activities, standards, and school programs. Putting your EAP plans into action will enhance 21St century learning and help you make your way toward a Green & Healthy School Program.

Benefits for Schools

  • Dynamic Learning Opportunities: Providing meaningful real world content for engaging students in mastering county and state curriculum standards and improving academic achievement.
  • Productive Learning Environments: Creating and maintaining healthy school environments for successful teaching and learning.
  • Environmental Benefits: Conserving natural resources by implementing environmentally sound practices.
  • Economic Benefits: Saving funds by improving school resources efficiently and recognizing opportunities for cost avoidances.
  • Citizen Engagement: Increasing citizen involvement and opportunities for academic service learning.
  • Environmental Literacy: Demonstrating knowledge, actions and behaviors which improve our environment and reduce society’s impact on the natural world.
  • Recognition: Earning recognition for accomplishments and improvements made through each level.

Green and Healthy Schools for 2013

Congratulations to the following schools for their efforts to ensure a greener and healthier natural world.

Reaching Higher Schools

  • Arcado Elementary
  • Beaver Ridge Elementary
  • Berkley Lake Elementary
  • Brookwood High
  • Buice School
  • Burnette Elementary
  • Camp Creek Elementary
  • Chesney Elementary
  • Corley Elementary
  • Craig Elementary
  • Duluth Middle
  • Dyer Elementary
  • Five Forks Middle
  • Fort Daniel Elementary
  • Freeman’s Mill Elementary
  • Harbins Elementary
  • Jackson Elementary
  • Knight Elementary
  • Lanier High
  • Lanier Middle
  • Level Creek Elementary
  • Lilburn Middle
  • Lovin Elementary
  • Mason Elementary
  • Maxwell High
  • McKendree Elementary
  • Monarch School
  • Mulberry Elementary
  • Norcross High
  • Oakland Meadow
  • Parsons Elementary
  • Peachtree Elementary
  • Peachtree Ridge High
  • Pinckneyville Middle
  • Puckett’s Mill Elementary
  • Radloff Middle
  • Rebecca Minor Elementary
  • Roberts Elementary
  • Simpson Elementary
  • South Gwinnett High
  • Starling Elementary
  • Stripling Elementary
  • Sugar Hill Elementary
  • Sycamore Elementary
  • Trip Elementary
  • White Oak Elementary
  • Winn Holt Elementary

Taking Action Schools

  • Alcova Elementary
  • Bethesda Elementary
  • Britt Elementary
  • Brookwood Elementary
  • Collins Hill High
  • Dacula Middle
  • Duncan Creek Elementary
  • Grayson Elementary
  • Gwin Oaks Elementary
  • Harmony Elementary
  • Hull Middle
  • Ivy Creek Elementary
  • Kanoheda Elementary
  • Norcross Elementary
  • North Gwinnett Middle
  • Patrick Elementary
  • Pharr Elementary
  • Rock Springs Elementary
  • Shiloh Middle
  • Taylor Elementary

Progressing Schools

  • Alford Elementary
  • Anderson-Livsey Elementary
  • Annistown Elementary
  • Centerville Elementary
  • Hopkins Elementary
  • Meadowcreek Elementary
  • Mountain Park Elementary
  • Nesbit Elementary
  • Trickum Middle
  • Walnut Grove Elementary

Discovering Schools

  • Suwanee Elementary