What is meant by Green and Healthy?

The Green & Healthy School Program is joint initiative of Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful and Gwinnett County Public Schools. It is a system of strategic planning, teaching, learning and doing that results in a greener and healthier natural world.

Making your way to a Green & Healthy School begins with The Green & Healthy Achievement Profile (G-HAP) .

The Green & Healthy Achievement Profile (G- HAP) is a road map / action plan for schools, administrators, and teachers to guide in the planning, executing, and assessing the effectiveness of environmental lessons, activities, standards, and school programs. Putting your EAP plans into action will enhance 21st century learning and help you make your way toward a Green & Healthy School Program.

Benefits for Schools

  • Dynamic Learning Opportunities: Providing meaningful real world content for engaging students in mastering county and state curriculum standards and improving academic achievement.
  • Productive Learning Environments: Creating and maintaining healthy school environments for successful teaching an learning.
  • Environmental Benefits: Conserving natural resources by implementing environmentally sound practices.
  • Economic Benefits: Saving funds by improving school resources efficiently and recognizing opportunities for cost avoidance.
  • Citizen Engagement: Increasing citizen involvement and opportunities for academic service learning.
  • Environmental Literacy: Demonstrating knowledge, actions and behaviors which improve our environment and reduce society’s impact on the natural world.
  • Recognition: Earning recognition for accomplishments and improvements made through each level.

Green and Healthy Schools for 2018

Congratulations to the following schools for their efforts to ensure a greener and healthier natural world.

Cluster School Award Level
Archer Cluster McConnell Middle School Taking Action
Cooper Elementary School Taking Action
Harbins Elementary Reaching Higher
Lovin Elementary School Reaching Higher
Berkmar Cluster  Berkmar High School Progressing
Bethesda Elementary School Taking Action
Corley Elementary School Reaching Higher
Minor Elementary School Reaching Higher
Brookwood Cluster  Brookwood High School Reaching Higher
Brookwood Elementary Taking Action
Craig Elementary Taking Action
Gwin Oaks Elementary School Progressing
Head Elementary School Progressing
Central Gwinnett Cluster  Jordan Middle School Taking Action
Moore Middle School Progressing
Jenkins Elementary School Taking Action
Lawrenceville Elementary School Reaching Higher
Winn Holt Elementary School Taking Action
Collins Hill Cluster  Creekland Middle School Taking Action
McKendree Elementary School Progressing
Rock Springs Elementary School Discovering
Walnut Grove Elementary School Progressing
  Discovery Cluster    Discovery High School Reaching Higher
Richards Middle School Taking Action
Baggett Elementary School Reaching Higher
Duluth Cluster  Coleman Middle School Taking Action
Duluth Middle School Progressing
Berkeley Lake Elementary School Reaching Higher
Chesney Elementary School Taking Action
Grayson Cluster100% Grayson High School Progressing
Bay Creek Middle School Taking Action
Couch Middle School Progressing
Grayson Elementary School Taking Action
Pharr Elementary School Reaching Higher
Starling Elementary School Reaching Higher
Trip Elementary School Reaching Higher
Lanier Cluster  Lanier High School Reaching Higher
Sugar Hill Elementary School Taking Action
Sycamore Elementary School Reaching Higher
Meadowcreek Cluster  Meadowcreek High School Reaching Higher
Lilburn Middle School Taking Action
Radloff Middle School Taking Action
Ferguson Elementary School Discovering
Graves Elementary School Taking Action
Lilburn Elementary School Taking Action
Nesbit Elementary School Taking Action
Rockbridge Elementary School Progressing
Mill Creek Cluster Fort Daniel Elementary School Reaching Higher
Harmony Elementary School Taking Action
Ivy Creek Elementary School Taking Action
Puckett’s Mill Elementary School Reaching Higher
Mountain View Cluster  Dyer Elementary School Taking Action
Freeman’s Mill Elementary School Taking Action
Norcross Cluster  Norcross High School Taking Action
Beaver Ridge Elementary School Taking Action
Norcross Elementary School Taking Action
Simpson Elementary School Taking Action
Stripling Elementary School Taking Action
North Gwinnett Cluster100%  North Gwinnett High School Taking Action
North Gwinnett Middle School Reaching Higher
Level Creek Elementary School Taking Action
Riverside Elementary School Discovering
Roberts Elementary School Reaching Higher
Suwanee Elementary School Reaching Higher
Parkview Cluster Arcado Elementary School Reaching Higher
Camp Creek Elementary School Reaching Higher
Knight Elementary School Taking Action
Peachtree Ridge Cluster100%  Peachtree Ridge High School Progressing
Hull Middle School Reaching Higher
Northbrook Middle School Progressing
Burnette Elementary School Progressing
Jackson Elementary School Reaching Higher
Mason Elementary School Reaching Higher
Parsons Elementary School Taking Action
Shiloh Cluster  Anderson-Livsey Elementary School Taking Action
Special Schools Gwinnett Online Campus Progressing
Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Reaching Higher
Maxwell High School of Technology Reaching Higher
Northbrook Center/Adapt Taking Action
Oakland Meadow School Taking Action
Phoenix High School Progressing
Discovering GHS Schools focus on discovering and recognizing healthy, environmentally sound practices and activities that are already in place, while learning about improvements that can be implemented.
Progressing GHS



Schools must complete educational initiatives in each of the following seven evaluation areas: Waste Reduction & Recycling, Education & Stewardship, Water Conservation & Watershed Protection, Air Quality, Energy Conservation, Beautification & Greenspace Preservation, and Community Impact.
Taking Action GHS



These schools expand their involvement in all seven-evaluation areas, as well as demonstrate curriculum integration and alignment to Common Core Standards. Schools must also exhibit and show environmental STEM lessons, as well as PBL unit with environmental focus.  A minimum of one (1) student-initiated project that impacts our environment and community must be established and completed.
Reaching Higher GHS



Schools demonstrate exceptional cross-curricular involvement and vertical planning of program components. They must complete a minimum of two (2) student-initiated projects that show impact in our environment and community.