Celebrating its 18th year, the Great American Cleanup™ represents the nation’s largest annual community improvement program. In the years since it was first launched by Keep America Beautiful in 1999, Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful (GCB) has brought that same spirit of action a little closer to home by motivating countless aspiring environmental stewards to help clean-up, fix-up, paint-up, and green-up in a combined effort to keep the Gwinnett County community green, clean and beautiful.

This year, GCB is excited to pair the far-reaching and powerful message at the heart of Great American Cleanup with the sense of empowerment behind the newly launched ME (My Environment) Campaign. Created in 2015 through a partnership between GCB and the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners, the ME Campaign is designed to inspire local citizens, civic groups, school clubs, community organizations and small business to take action and show individual initiative by lending their time and talents for the benefit of the environment we all share. In addition to potential environmental impacts, the physical appearance of our public lands can have wide-reaching economic and social impacts.  The hope is that by instilling a sense of ownership, spreading awareness and providing opportunities for Gwinnett residents and businesses to take personal action, we will all work together to keep ‘ME’ clean because this is our HOME!

In addition to the rewards that come with having a positive impact on the world around them, five lucky winners will be selected to earn CASH PRIZES of $500 each! Winners will be selected from each of the five categories on the Gwinnett Challenge Activity List. Simply select your category, submit your project idea, complete the project, report your results, share your photos and cross your fingers that your project will be selected as one of the winners. BUT – before you begin your project, we encourage you to “take the pledge”. By taking the pledge, you promise to change habits and practices at home, school, work, and play, and to be environmental stewards – caring for the land, water, and community every day. BONUS PRIZE!!  It PAYS to take the pledge – one winner will be selected at random from our new pledges to win $100!

Take the Pledge for your school! There will be one $100 prize for the public or private Elementary/ Middle/ High School, College,  or University in Gwinnett with the greatest percent of students enrolled that take the Pledge. Ask you teacher to take the Pledge with your class!

Take the Pledge!

Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful’s “I Pledge” Program means you are committed to being an environmental steward… caring for the land, water and community every day. You pledge to “live green” by changing your habits and practices at home, school, work and play – not just during the three months of the Great American Cleanup, but year-round. Take The Pledge!

Take Your Pick!

Choose at least one activity from our Gwinnett Challenge Activity List -OR- design a Great American Cleanup activity of your own imagining.

Take A Peek!

Please review our Rules and Guidelines for participation.

Take A Stand!

Submit a Project Registration Form online and be sure to complete your project by Tuesday, May 31, 2016.

Take Photos!

As you and your team work together on your project, snap some candid photos. Send them our way at gwinnettcb@gwinnettcb.org, and you might just see them featured on the Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful Facebook and/or Flickr pages! Don’t forget to tell us who you are and what project you are tackling. You will also need 5 photos for your Post-Project Results Form.

Take A Bow!

Submit your Post-Project Results Form online by Tuesday, June 7, 2016 for recognition and consideration for CASH PRIZES!


In the event that you simply do not have the time to take part in the Great American Cleanup Gwinnett Challenge this year, there is another very important way you can support our efforts…Donate To Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful