Make 2016 the Year to Become Truly GREEN

green lady - pixabay - adult-19025_1920It’s nearly that time again! The time of year when we cull together a list of New Year’s Resolutions we have every good intention of keeping that typically run the gamut from eating healthier and exercising more frequently to spending added quality time with friends and family and less time in front of the TV. During these last dwindling days of 2015, Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful would like you to consider making 2016 the year to really amp up your current shade of GREEN to its fullest. There are a number of simple ways to make that happen. To that end, our resident “green team” has pulled together just a handful of planet-focused proposals to help you get started on a Happy, Healthy and Earth-Friendly New Year!

  • Place More of A Focus on ME, ME, ME!: It’s not uncommon for one to want a little “me time” now and again, but that’s not the “ME” to whom we’re referring. “ME” stands for My Environment and is part of a joint initiative launched by Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful and the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners in 2015 to foster a sense of ownership in the world around us among local citizens and businesses. The “Keep ME Clean” campaign also seeks to motivate Gwinnettians to action – bringing a completely new meaning to the phrase “ME time.” Perhaps you could consider taking some of that “ME time” to go for a walk around your neighborhood with your kids, grandkids, spouse or a friend. Only – instead of just taking part in a leisurely stroll – one of you can carry a bag for recyclable items you might happen upon along the way, while another carries a bag for trash you find in empty lots, along the sidewalks or in the street. You could also clean up a nearby stream, adopt a road on behalf of the whole family or your local place of business, kick off a beautification initiative in your neighborhood, and so much more. The possibilities are virtually endless!
  • Change Your Habits Now That Glass Goes in the Trash: Beginning January 1, 2016, the Recycling Bank of Gwinnett will no longer accept glass at our facility. More and more cities and communities – right here in Gwinnett and all across the nation – have announced that they will also no longer accept glass in curbside recycling bins. To learn all about the many reasons WHY glass now goes in the trash, we invite you to read our Glass Recycling Fact Sheet. We also encourage you – in addition to throwing glass jars and bottles in the trash, rather than the recycling bin – to consider ways you may be able to limit the number of glass jars and bottles you use on a regular basis. Perhaps you could make the switch from glass jars to plastic jars or bottles when purchasing jams and spreads, from glass wine bottles to boxes, from glass soda bottles to aluminum cans – the list goes on and on. You could also find unique uses for your glass, like a jar could become a handy container for loose nails and screws, a pretty blue bottle could become a rustic outdoor living space flower vase or a mason jar could become a shabby chic candleholder.
  • Adopt a “Waste Not, Want Not” State of Mind: Explore new ways to cut down on energy and water usage over the coming months at home and at work. The same goes for food waste and gasoline usage – which is easier than it sounds when you arrange to carpool or limit the number of unnecessary trips.
  • Form a Meaningful “Connection” with Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful: Beyond registering as a volunteer for special events throughout the year, we’re also talking about “connecting” on a meaningful and digital level. Bookmark org for our latest blogs and helpful tips, signup to receive our newsletter for future events and up-to-the-minute news, and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter – then encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same!
  • Become a 2016 Sponsor of Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful: No donation is too big or too small – and all contributions help fund our programs to educate, advocate and motivate on behalf of the environment in our big beautiful backyard. Donations of time and talents are also much needed and greatly appreciated – visit our website regularly to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

For even more great eco-friendly New Year’s Resolution suggestions, be sure to check out last year’s “15 Easy Ways to Go Green in 2015!” 

We wish you and yours all the best in 2016! Happy New Year from Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful!