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Recycling centers that accept: Paint

Paint has only recently become recyclable through the Atlanta Paint Disposal company. See their two drop-off locations listed below.
Empty paint cans should be recycled at a scrap metal recycler (see the recycling directory under “Metal- Scrap”) that accepts all metals. Call ahead to check.
If you cannot use up all the paint yourself, try giving it to a friend, neighbor, or community member who might want to repaint a room or use it for a project.
Paint must be solidified. Mix it with an absorbent material such as cat litter, sawdust, or shredded newspaper to absorb all liquids and allow the mixture to harden. Once the paint is solidified, it may be placed with your household garbage. You can choose to solidify the paint in a plastic bag and recycle the container, or you can leave it in the container and put the whole can with the trash.

Doraville Transfer Station

An Atlanta Paint Disposal drop-off site. Call or visit website for fees and hours.

2784 Woodwin Rd
Doraville, Georgia 30360
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Phone: 770-451-4300 Materials Accepted: