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Paint Stripper and Thinner

Recycling centers that accept: Paint Stripper and Thinner

Paint strippers and thinners contain harmful chemicals and are not recyclable. They should not be poured down inside or outside drains or on the ground as it can cause contamination.
Instead of using a paint stripper, you can use sandpaper or a scraper.
If you cannot use up all the paint thinner or stipper yourself, try giving it to a friend, neighbor, or community member who might want to repaint a room or use it for a project.
Paint strippers and thinners must be solidified. Mix them with an absorbent material such as cat litter, sawdust, or shredded newspaper in a bag and allow the mixture to harden. Once the mixture is solidified, it may be placed with your household garbage.
The empty, rinsed container may be recyclable. See the recycling directory for that material.

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