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Oven Cleaners

Recycling centers that accept: Oven Cleaners

Oven cleaners contain harmful chemicals and cannot be recycled. They should not be poured down inside or outside drains or on the ground as it can cause contamination.
If you cannot use up the oven cleaners yourself, try giving them to a friend or neighbor.
Aerosol cans can be placed with household garbage. Liquid oven cleaners must be solidified. Mix the oven cleaner with enough absorbent material, such as litter or newspaper, to absorb all free liquids. Place the solidified oven cleaner in a bag or wrap in newspaper before disposing.
If the empty liquid oven cleaner is recyclable, triple rinse it (treating the rinse water like the product and solidifying) recycle it. See the recycling directory for how to recycle that material.

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