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Recycling centers that accept: Insecticides

This material contains harmful chemicals and is not recyclable. Do not pour down any indoor or outdoor drains as it can cause ground water contamination.
Prevent insects from entering your home by caulking or covering entryways with holes or gaps. Erase ants’ trails with soapy water so that they will stop using that path. Use insect traps before using insecticides. Use local, disease-resistant plants that are less likely to contribute to infestation.
If the container is empty, triple rinse it (disposing of the rinse water as you would the product) and see the recycling directory on how to recycle that container.
The Department of Agriculture has a collection and disposal program for pesticides (focus on agricultural). For more information about their program, call (404) 656-4958.
Liquid insecticides must be solidified with an absorbent material, such as shredded newspaper, litter, or sawdust.
All solidified insecticides should be placed in a bag or wrapped in newspaper before disposing of with your household garbage.

Currently, there are no centers listed.

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