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Cooking Oils/ Fats/ Greases

Recycling centers that accept: Cooking Oils/ Fats/ Greases

Do not dispose of fats, oils and greases by pouring down the drain!
(visit for more information on how fats, oils, and greases going down the drain can cost you)
Drop off your used cooking oils, fats, and greases at one of the locations listed below.
Pour into a jar or can with a lid before placing in the trash can, and wipe off any excess with a paper towel.

Southern Green Industries, Inc.- Biofuel Drop Off

Aid the clean energy cause and drop-off your used oil here, where they will turn it into Biodiesel fuel.

4565 Frederick Dr
Atlanta, Georgia 30336
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Phone: 404-419-6887 Hours: 24/7 Materials Accepted: