What is Take Pride in Gwinnett?

The Take Pride in Gwinnett program was initiated in 1997 to show our community’s pride for our public spaces. The program encourages businesses or civic groups to “adopt” a major public roadway median/s. The company or organization must landscape the median and maintain the area (including litter removal) for a minimum of two years.

Who is involved?

Take Pride in Gwinnett is coordinated by Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful and is a joint program of the Gwinnett County Department of Transportation, the Georgia Department of Transportation and participating cities.Current participants include: Russell Landscape Group, First Bank of the South, Explore Gwinnett, Gwinnett Place CID, Montage Gifts & Boutique, Scientific Atlanta, United Peachtree Corners Civic Association, Grayson High School, A L Grading and Precision Planning.

Why is the program needed?

Landscaped and well maintained roadways create a safer, healthier and more livable environment for citizens, employees, shoppers, visitors and new businesses. National research shows that landscaped medians reduce road rage making our roadways safer, as well as create new green spaces. These green spaces minimize the heat island effects from paved areas and improve our air quality. The landscaped medians can also improve adjacent property values by as much as 15%.

What does it cost to adopt a median?

Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful has standardized landscape plans approved by the County and State DOTs. Landscape installation, including plant materials, site preparation and planting costs range from $.74 to $1.15 per square foot, depending on site conditions. Maintenance costs average between $.01 and $.02 per square foot per month. Each adopting group is recognized for their efforts through special signage. Two 2- sided signs are placed on the median. Average costs for the signs and installation is $2000.

How do I get started?

There are hundreds of medians along busy stretches of road in Gwinnett County that are ready for adoption, each serving as an ideal advertising opportunity. If your business or civic group is environmentally conscientious and interested in showing your pride in Gwinnett, call 770.822.5187 or email us.