The Great American Cleanup™ represents the nation’s largest annual community improvement program. In the years since it was first launched by Keep America Beautiful in 1999, Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful (GCB) has brought that same spirit of action a little closer to home by motivating countless aspiring environmental stewards to help keep our local community green, clean and beautiful. Beginning in 2019, GCB will offer Great American Cleanup opportunities all year-round, providing the needed funding to complete the cleanup, beautification, recycling, and other projects you and your neighbors have been itching to do! Each month, at least one applicant will be selected from any of the below categories to have their project funded.

Litter League

Is there a road, stream, lake, or pond near you that has been an eyesore due to litter? Take initiative by signing up for one of our cleanup efforts! Whether you need volunteers or have some ready to get to work, we can help you organize your event and get that eyesore taken care of. Click here to sign-up.

Groom and Bloom

For those that want to plant a school or community garden or simply add some flowers to the front of your neighborhood or business, we can help you by providing the tools and materials. Complete the application below, including an estimated number of plants requested and the type, as well as any tools needed. Click here to sign-up.


Dial-a-dumpster is the go-to community cleanup solution. Whether you want to cleanup illegal dumping in your neighborhood or near your business, or want to plan an invasive plant removal, you can create your group project knowing that the safe disposal of these materials is provided for. Click here to sign-up.

Students Serving Seniors

If you are past your prime gardening years and find it difficult to maintain your yard, you can request the help of one of GCB’s excellent student volunteers! Include in the notes how many hours of work you estimate for one to three volunteers and what type of work is needed. Click here to sign-up.


Once you have completed your project,

please report your results within 5 business days.

Click here to complete the Post-Project Results Report!