Business of the Month for June 2015: Brand Bank


2015- 05- Brand Bank- E-statements

Thanks to Brand Bank’s e-statements, bank members can save paper each month while checking their account statements online!







Each month, Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful will shine the spotlight on one worthy business that serves as a shining example of environmental stewardship within our community. A clean, beautiful and thriving community is a benefit to all of us. As individuals, we get to enjoy the natural splendor and health benefits of clean air and water. As businesses, a clean and beautiful environment – free of graffiti on our walls and litter on our streets – lends itself to a healthy economy, as more and more people are drawn to the area.

Some of the ways a business can stand-out as an environmental steward include:

  • Expand or launch a recycling program at work and track your results
  • Conserve water
  • Buy green when purchasing or replacing products or equipment
  • Use LED or compact fluorescent lighting
  • Take ownership of the area that surrounds your place of business by hiring a landscape company or scheduling volunteers from the office to come in on weekends for planting parties or litter pick up days
  • Adopt-a-Road near your business and ensure that it stays litter-free by regularly scheduling volunteers from around the office to police the area
  • Report graffiti near your place of business
  • Keep loading docks clean and check dumpsters every day to make sure they are securely closed
  • Become part of a business reuse network like Georgia Industrial Materials Exchange
  • Develop innovative new ways for your business to have a positive impact on the environment through cleaner manufacturing or building practices, reuse of materials or recycled products, and more!

To nominate your company for Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful for Business of the Month, please fill out the online form below. If chosen, your business will be featured on our social media networks, in a monthly e-blast and in a blog posted to our website – to which we will provide you with a digital link. Your company will also be placed into consideration for our annual ECoS (Environmental Consciousness and Stewardship ) Awards. GOOD LUCK!

Community Crusaders Nomination

Community Crusaders are selected every 3 months. Please submit your nomination below for consideration. If you are selected, you will be notified.
  • Includes businesses, churches, civic organizations, schools, etc.