Good for you – you’ve already achieved Step #1! All school-based environmental groups begin with the INTEREST of at least one person. Now that you are the self-designated environmental steward for your school, you’re ready to move on to the remaining steps:

#2)  Make a List of Reasons You Believe Your School Could Benefit from an Environmental Group: Of course, the obvious first item on the list is the reward of making a positive impact on the planet! Other items you may want to include are a chance for student volunteers to beautify their school; the educational aspects of learning ABOUT the environment while caring FOR the environment; the opportunity to submit your projects to Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful for the chance to win prizes and positive press for your school… the list goes on and on!

#3)  Gain Interest from Others: For any club to be successful, it’s necessary to drum up interest from fellow students, faculty members and your principal. The list you developed in Step #2 will help you with this effort as you approach your principal and faculty members. Do a great job with this step and you should be able to win the approval of your principal and the support of at least one faculty member to act as your group’s advisor.

#4)  Once Approved, Begin Holding Meetings and Brainstorming Projects: Now that you’ve gained interest from your fellow students, faculty members and your principal, you and your group advisor can  begin scheduling meetings. During the initial meetings, your new group can brainstorm projects, make a list of materials required, and plan clean-up/beautification events. Depending on the size and scope of your projects, you may need to add some fundraising efforts to this list of steps. Parents of group members and local businesses may be interested in donating materials or funds.

#5)  Make Your Vision a Reality: Begin tackling your group’s list of projects. Be sure to take lots of photos (maybe even enlist the aid of your school’s Broadcast/AV club to create a video), record results of your efforts, and submit them to Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful to be considered for prizes and our annual Environmental Consciousness and Stewardship (ECOS) Awards.

#6)  Take it to the Next Level by Transforming Your School into a Green & Healthy School: The Green & Healthy School Program is joint initiative of Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful and Gwinnett County Public Schools. It is a system of strategic planning, teaching, learning and doing that results in a greener and healthier natural world. Learn More

Need a little inspirational reading to help with your initial list and brainstorming for projects?

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