Adopt-A-Stream Near You through Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful

As an integral element of our partnership with Gwinnett County’s Department of Water Resources to protect and preserve our local watersheds, we are pleased to introduce a volunteer water quality program called Adopt-a-Stream.

Georgia Adopt-a-Stream enables citizens to collect baseline water quality data to both observe the conditions of our local streams and become more aware of pollution and water quality issues. Unfortunately, many streams in Gwinnett do not currently meet established state water quality standards. That’s why we need your help!

You and your family/co-workers/group could serve as official “keepers” of a portion of a creek or stream by periodically monitoring its condition with supplies, training, and certifications in chemical, bacterial and macroinvertebrate testing provided by Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful and the Department of Water Resources.


How do I Adopt a Stream?

There are 5 easy steps to adopting a stream, lake, pond, or wetland:

1. Select a waterway and a site!

Think about if you have a stream, lake, pond, or wetland in your backyard or at a public area near you that offers easy access. To ask about availability or suggestions of a waterway, just fill-out the form below.

2. Get to know your waterway!

Scout out the area. Look at the area around the waterway, the water surface, water color, etc. If you see a lot of litter, your waterway might need regular cleanups. If you see or smell anything unusual, you might want to check your waterway’s health.

3. Notice lots of litter? Do a cleanup!

If you see litter and trash around or in your stream, organize a group cleanup!

4. Want to monitor water quality? Take a training workshop!

If you want to care for a waterway by testing for the quality of the water, then let us help you with some training and tools.

AAS Monitoring Chart

5. Take action!

We offer supplies, tools, and training to help you succeed. Let us know if your waterway needs regular cleanups or water quality monitoring, and we will help you get set-up so you can take action to protect our environment!


Fill out the form below to get started on monitoring the water quality of a stream, pond, lake, or wetland near you!
  • *Anyone who is responsible for the quality of data collection and reporting will need to be certified for the monitoring level(s).
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