4 Ways to Celebrate Self-Improvement Month in Gwinnett

Here at Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, we never grow weary of sharing how incredibly special Gwinnett County truly is and how fortunate we all are to live, work and play here! With an award-winning park system, an amazing network of nonprofits and a growing “village” of individuals and businesses dedicated to this community, Gwinnett makes it EASY to celebrate Self-Improvement Month. We’ve outlined four paths to self-improvement below. If they fit with your own journey towards a better YOU, consider taking part – not just during the month of September, but year-round…

Become Acquainted with Gwinnett’s Award-Winning Park System: Countless adventures abound at any of the 50 parks all over our county. From horseback riding along the trails at Harbins Park or showing off your skills at Settles Bridge Park’s Skate Complex to swimming laps at West Gwinnett Park’s Aquatic Center or joining an Adult Softball League at E.E. Robinson Park, if getting active and staying healthy are part of your personal goals for self-improvement – you’ve come to the right place! In addition to a wide variety of facilities, the Parks System also provides great classes that include everything from art to yoga and everything in between. To explore our parks and learn what amenities, events and classes they offer, be sure to visit the Parks and Recreation Department online!

Gwinnett is Great – Let’s Keep it that Way: It takes a passionate group of individuals working towards a common goal to move proverbial mountains. Gwinnett County is blessed with a large number of amazing nonprofit organizations, so if “paying it forward” or “getting more involved with the community” are on your self-improvement list, there are lots of opportunities for you to volunteer and make a difference. From beautifying the grounds at Duluth-based Rainbow Village to swinging a hammer with Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity to taking part in a stream cleanup event with Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, it’s easier than you think to have an impact. For a big picture view of volunteer opportunities in Gwinnett, be sure to visit www.volunteergwinnett.net.

Secure Your Standing as an Environmental Steward: As an eco-focused nonprofit, we believe an EXCELLENT component to becoming a better YOU is to focus on the world around you – or, more specifically, the environment. Volunteering for a cleanup event is a terrific start, but are you doing enough to protect the planet on a regular basis. From starting a compost pile at home to proper recycling habits to not letting your car idle in the school pickup line, Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful endeavors to load up our website with information to guide you to becoming an effective environmental steward. Bookmark www.gwinnettcb.org and visit us often!

Charity Begins at Home: For many of us, the desire to help when and where needed is overwhelming – as is the list of charities that need your help. For those who may not have the time to volunteer your talents, monetary contributions are another way to make an impact. While national charities can be compelling with their rather large ad budgets and brand campaigns, there are so many wonderful causes closer to home that would appreciate your donations more than you know. Whether you choose to donate to a wonderful charity devoted to children in need and their young mothers like Home of Hope at Gwinnett Children’s Shelter, an amazing organization created to empower adults with special needs to live independently like Annandale Village, or a community-centric nonprofit that connects people and resources for a more sustainable Gwinnett like Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, you can be assured that your gifts will be going to a very good cause.