Make Your Way to a Green & Healthy School

If you would like to make your school more environmentally aware and are interested in helping improve our environment in Gwinnett but don’t know where to start, these 10 steps will get you on your way.
  1. Review and Incorporate Environmental AKS Objectives into your Classroom.
  2. Incorporate our fun Lesson Plans into your Curriculum.
  3. Use our hands-on Environmental Tool Kits to spice up your classroom experience.
  4. Explore beautification options for your school grounds and help get students involved.
  5. Participate in the Environmental Achievement Profile and show your school’s excellence!
  6. Have a Waste in Place training session to learn how to better provide environmental education.
  7. Volunteer for an event.
  8. Start a Recycling Program.
  9. Attend a Teacher Training.
  10. Become a member of GC&B.


Together we can all have an impact on our environment and quality of life in Gwinnett.