Take Part in the Storm Drain Stenciling Program

In a joint effort to educate the public about non-point source pollution, Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful and Gwinnett County’s Department of Water Resources are proud to manage the Storm Drain Stenciling Program. Non-point source pollution involves the introduction of harmful pollutants such as fertilizers, insecticides, oil, toxic chemicals and pet waste into our streams and rivers.

Through the Storm Drain Stenciling Program, concerned citizens and volunteers just like you stencil NO DUMPING… LEADS TO STREAM on catch basins and distribute door hangers shaped like fish to all homes in their subdivision or surrounding area. Door hangers provide important information to residents about non-point source pollution and ways to reduce it on their own property.

Households that provide at least 4 hours of volunteer time to the Storm Drain Stenciling Program are eligible to receive a credit of up to 5% on their storm water service fees.


Why should I keep storm drains clean?

Storm drains are designed to prevent flooding by carrying rainwater from our streets to streams and rivers. Storm drains can get clogged with leaves, grass, cigarette butts, food wrappers, pet wastes, motor oil and other types of litter.  Clogged drains can cause flooding and pollution to flow into your backyard waterway, our streams and rivers.


What Can I Do to Help?

1. Keep Our Drains Clean!

Don’t dump any litter, leaves, grass clippings, or motor oil down the storm drain. Storm drains are only meant to carry rain directly to the stream. Anything else that is dumped down the drain can pollute our beautiful streams, lakes, ponds, and wetlands.

2. Become a Stormwater Protector!

3. Select an area to stencil!

Search in your neighborhood and community for storm drains that need to be stenciled or re-stenciled. Request approval for your area by filling out the form below.

4. Stencil your drains to keep them clean!


Stormwater Protectors- Project Request Form

Fill out the form below to get started on your storm drain stenciling project!
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