What is Recycling?

Recycling is collecting used or waste material for reprocessing of those materials into new products. Recycling reduces the use of raw materials and reduces energy consumption compared to producing products from virgin material.There are two common recycling methods practiced in Gwinnett County. Many residents recycle through Curbside Collection, where you leave your recyclable materials in a bin in front of your property for your sanitation service to pick up.

There are also drop-off recycling centers in the County where citizens can take their materials to these collection points for processing.

Once the collected recyclables reach the recycling facility, they are sorted into material types. It is important to properly prepare your recyclable materials to increase the value of the recyclable material and for easier reprocessing at the recycling facility. The processed material is then bailed and shipped to companies who can then use the material to create new products that end up back in your hands. Recycling is easy, everyone can participate, and if we each do our part we can have a significant impact on conserving water, reducing energy conservation, and conserving precious landfill space.

  • FACT: Your household produces as much as a ton of garbage a year, at least a quarter of which could be recycled.
  • FACT: It’s just as easy to drop an empty can or newspaper into your recycling bin than into your regular household garbage.
  • FACT: The average American uses 580 lbs. of paper each year – that’s over 1½ lbs. per day.
  • FACT: Every year, Americans throw away enough office and writing paper to build a wall 12 feet high from New York City to Los Angeles.

Christmas Tree Recycling Facts

  • FACT: Since implementing Gwinnett’s Christmas Tree Recycling program in 1984, Gwinnett has diverted more than 1,000,000 Christmas trees from landfills.
  • FACT: Annually, Gwinnettians recycle one out of every three Christmas trees recycled in Georgia.
  • FACT: For the past five years we have recovered the most trees in the state!
  • FACT: Placed end to end, the trees collected in Gwinnett last year would stretch from Lawrenceville to Greenville, SC.