What Is Made From Recycled Materials?

Only when materials are reused or returned to use in the form of raw materials or products is the recycling loop completed.

Aluminum Cans More aluminum cans
Aluminum (other) Aluminum auto parts, aluminum transmissions, lawn furniture, siding and gutters
Newspapers Newsprint, gypsum wallboard liner, animal bedding, cellulose insulation, tube and core board, cat litter, recycled box-board, hydro-mulch, carpet underlaying, sub-flooring, custom fiber asbestos replacement
Magazines Cardboard, paperboard boxes, newsprint
Phonebooks Insulation, gypsum board (sheetrock), chipboard
Paper Bags Cardboard, more paper bags, chipboard
Corrugated Cardboard Paper hand towels, paper industrial wipes, folding cartons, corrugated boxes, gypsum wallboard, paper tubes, cans and drums, insulation materials, molded products: egg cartons, fruit trays, flower pots and industrial/building products
High Grade Office Paper Toilet and facial tissue, paper napkins, paper towels, diapers, other sanitary products
Computer Paper Sanitary products, paper plates
Steel Cans Steel cans, appliances; refrigerators, car parts, other industrial steel products
Glass Bottles & Jars More glass jars, beer & soft drink bottles
Mixed Glass Bottles & Jars Glassphalt, fiberglass, road-base aggregate, storm drain filler, abrasives, glass foam and glass beads for reflective paint
Plastic Soft Drink Bottles (PET #1) Fiberfill for ski jackets and sleeping bags, polyester carpeting, paint brush bristles, more PET containers, strapping, non-food bottles/containers, geotextiles, surfboards, sailboat hulls, industrial paints
Plastic Milk Jugs (HDPE #2) Flower pots, trash cans, traffic barrier cones, pallets, curbside recycling bins, detergent bottles, soda bottles base caps, drainage pipes, animal pens, drums/pails, matting, milk bottle carriers, plastic yard furniture, toys
Plastic Grocery Bags (LDPE #4) Plastic trash bags
Polystyrene (PS #6) Egg cartons, hard plastic: electronic component casings, license plate frames, rulers, business cards, park benches, lumber, office equipment/accessories, packaging peanuts, expanded foam end packs, insulation board, reusable cafeteria trays, household products, car parts: dashboards
Used Motor Oil Reprocessed fuel oil (boiler oil), re-refined motor oil, lubricating oil for heavy machinery
Lead Acid Batteries Reprocessed sulfuric acid, lead ingots
Textiles Used clothing, fiber for paper and upholstery, industrial wiping and polishing cloths