Quality is very important to recycling. Please ensure you are only putting items in your recycle bin that can be recycled. Other items or trash will contaminate your recyclables and may make them unusable.  To find out where you can recycle certain items visit our searchable recycling database.


Newspaper: Include glossy inserts. Remove the newspaper from plastic bags or sacks. Do not bundle newspapers.

Magazines and Other Paper: Include catalogues, brochures, notebook paper, computer and writing paper, file folders, telephone directories, junk mail, greeting cards, paperback books, pizza boxes (remove liners and food residue), and paper grocery bags. Do not include facial or toilet paper, thermal fax paper, paper towels, napkins, diapers, self-sealing or FedEx type envelopes or pet food bags.

Cardboard/Chipboard: Include shipping boxes, moving boxes, appliance boxes, dry food boxes such as cereal, cake mix and cracker containers (remove liners), bar soap or detergent boxes, shoe boxes, and paper towel or toilet tissue rolls. Do not include boxes with food residue.


Aluminum & Metal Cans: Include beverage cans, tin and food cans, aluminum baking tins, and aluminum food containers. Do not Include frozen dinner trays or foil.


Plastic Bottles: Include soda bottles, detergent bottles, water bottles, juice bottles and milk jugs – please remove caps. Do not include plastic bags, Styrofoam, flower pots, pool chemical containers, plastic buckets, toys, clear food containers, dinnerware or frozen dinner trays, or plastic cups.


Food & Beverage containers only: rinse and remove lids. Labels do not need to be removed. Do not include mirrors, pottery, window glass, or light bulbs. All material must be clean, dry and empty.