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Propane Tanks

Recycling centers that accept: Propane Tanks

Be careful while handling propane tanks as their contents are toxic and explosive.
Most Home Depots, Lowes, Publixs, and Walmarts will exchange an empty tank for a full one for around $20. Visit their websites listed below and call to check the nearest location.
If the tank is empty and the valve can be removed (do not attempt to remove the valve if the tank is NOT empty), it may be recycled at one of the metal recyclers listed below.
If the tank has gas in it, the valve cannot be removed, and you wish to dispose of it rather than refill it, visit one of the AmeriGas offices listed below.

AmeriGas- Doraville

2715 Woodwin Rd
Doraville, Georgia 30360
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Phone: 770-458-8568 Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Materials Accepted:
AmeriGas- Sugar Hill

4823 Lanier Ave
Sugar Hill, Georgia 30518
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Phone: 770-945-9533 Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Materials Accepted: