What is “going green”?

As water levels run low, the price of gas and other commodities rise, air quality levels decrease, and global climate change occurs, people are becoming more aware of how their daily actions and choices affect the environment. People are beginning to make a conscious effort to decrease their impact on our world’s natural resources.  This phenomenon of increasing your awareness and making better choices every day to help the environment is known as “Going Green.”
There are a growing number of environmentally conscious and informed consumers who are making choices based on whether or not products and services are earth-friendly, ethically-made and produced, recyclable, and energy-efficient.

You can start going green by applying the rule of the three R’s to your lifestyle: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resourses also offers a great resource, Sustainable Office Toolkit, to help offices of all types and sizes move toward sustainability through practices such as recycling, energy and water conservation, and “green” building.