Stop Handbills

The delivery of unsolicited handbills in neighborhoods across Gwinnett County has become a growing problem. A handbill is any printed matter advertising items or services for sale that is then placed on mailboxes, doors, door handles, etc. of private property. Note: Excluded are newspapers, political, charitable, non-profit and Homeowner’s Association information.

The Gwinnett County Litter Ordinance (download ordinance pdf) was updated in 2004, prohibiting distribution of information on private properties that have placed a “No Handbill” decal on their mailbox. Fines for violating this and other sections of the Litter Ordinance can range from $200 to $1,200.

To receive a sticker for your mailbox, complete our ‘No Handbill’ decal form.
If you already have a decal and would like to report an incident of receiving illegal handbills, please download and complete the Handbill Incident Report. (word doc download)