Free Shredding Service

Free Shredding Now Available at the Recycling Bank of Gwinnett!

We can now shred your sensitive documents and they will go immediately into the bailer!

Our hours are Monday-Friday 9am-12pm, 1pm-3pm.

Shredding is first come, first serve. However, if you have more than 3 boxes worth of shredding, please call ahead : 770-822-5187.


All paper is accepted for recycling, but only certain types of paper are accepted in the shredder.

Items accepted in the Shredder:

Any type of Office Paper

Paper envelopes


Bank Statements



Items not accepted in the Shredder:

Any type of folder

Business Cards

Shiny Paper


Greeting Cards

Newspaper, or a similar material

Credit/gift cards


Prepare your shredding ahead to save yourself some time!

In order to be put into the shredder, the paper needs to have the following removed: large paperclips (staples and 1in or smaller paperclips are fine), rubber bands, and any of the above not accepted materials mixed in with it.

If you prefer to supervise the shredding of your sensitive documents, preparing your shredding materials ahead of time will save you and us both time!