Community Crusaders



Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful’s first Community Crusader of 2020 is Arborguard Tree Specialists. Partnering with Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful and Gwinnett County Community Services, Arborguard spent several hours in Simpsonwood Park, located in Peachtree Corners cutting down the privet thicket along the west edge of their activity field.  Privet is an invasive species because of its ability to overgrow and therefore displace native vegetation. Arborguard had the necessary equipment and personnel to do the job safely and quickly.

Thank you, Arborguard for donating your time and resources to assist one of our many beautiful local parks. We appreciate you and your partnership!



Is Your Company or Organization a Community Crusader?

Forget about being faster than a speeding bullet or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! These are the REAL heroes of the Gwinnett County community! Each Quarter, Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful is proud to shine the spotlight on one outstanding local business that demonstrates a standard of environmental stewardship that rises above the rest. Each company chosen for this special honor exhibits a level of eco-friendliness that extends beyond the walls of their local establishment and resonates out into the community. A clean, beautiful and thriving community is a benefit to all of us. As individuals, we get to enjoy the natural splendor and health benefits of clean air and water. As businesses, a clean and beautiful environment – free of graffiti on our walls and litter on our streets – lends itself to a healthy economy, as more and more people are drawn to the area. Our Community Crusaders take eco-consciousness to the next level by weaving it into the fabric of their corporate culture or organizational mission, motivating their teams to ACT.  Here are just a handful of ways a business can stand-out as an environmental steward:

  • Expand or launch a recycling program at work and track your results
  • Conserve water
  • Buy green when purchasing or replacing products or equipment
  • Use LED or compact fluorescent lighting
  • Take ownership of the area that surrounds your place of business by hiring a landscape company or scheduling volunteers from the office to come in on weekends for planting parties or litter pick up days
  • Adopt-a-Road near your business and ensure that it stays litter-free by regularly scheduling volunteers from around the office to police the area
  • Report graffiti near your place of business
  • Keep loading docks clean and check dumpsters every day to make sure they are securely closed
  • Become part of a business reuse network like Georgia Industrial Materials Exchange
  • Partner with GC&B to assist us with completing a project that requires special services, equipment and/or expertise
  • Develop innovative new ways for your business to have a positive impact on the environment through cleaner manufacturing or building practices, reuse of materials or recycled products, and more!


To nominate your company for Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful Community Crusader, please fill out the online form at the end of this page. If chosen, your business will be featured on our website, social media pages and in one of our upcoming e-blasts. Your company will also receive a special plaque to be displayed at your place of business and will be placed into consideration for our annual ECoS (Environmental Consciousness and Stewardship) Awards. GOOD LUCK!


Unsung Hero

Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful’s first Unsung Hero of 2018 is Chad Livsey. Hailing from a family with a long history of community improvement and humanitarianism, Livsey has personally adopted eight sections of road in the Snellville area in recent months and has been cleaning up each section on a weekly basis. He told Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful that he is on a personal mission to keep his hometown of Snellville clean and beautiful, and if he has to do it all by himself… he will.


Do You Know Someone Who is an Unsung Hero?

Heroes don’t always wear capes! Sometimes they wear bright yellow reflective vests, gloves and work boots. Other times they wear floppy hats, gardening gloves and clothes covered in dirt. They go “above and beyond” the call of duty, aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and welcome the opportunity to devote their time and energy to personally solve an issue within the community. They might create unique works of art from recovered materials. They may teach children about the impact they could have as stewards of the local environment and inspire them to act. They could passionately advocate on behalf of the environment to local officials. They might organize and participate in neighborhood cleanup and beautification events. The list goes on and on, and these Unsung Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and ages. They do what they do out of love for the community in which they live – the community we all share.


At Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, we don’t want them to be “unsung” any longer! We want to sing their praises! If you know someone who brings new meaning to the phrase “environmental steward,” tell us about them. Please send the name of the person you are nominating along with their contact information and a short essay outlining all of the ways they demonstrate their dedication to the local environment to Nominees will be reviewed individually by the staff at Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, and – if selected as our next Unsung Hero – will be featured on our website, social media pages and one of our upcoming e-blasts. He or she MIGHT even be recognized during our next Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful ECoS (Environmental Consciousness and Stewardship) Awards!

Community Crusaders Nomination

Community Crusaders are selected every 3 months. Please submit your nomination below for consideration. If you are selected, you will be notified.
  • Includes businesses, churches, civic organizations, schools, etc.