What We Do

We encourage and foster the education and engagement of the general public to improve practices that promote and protect the environment and encourage environmental stewardship.

Through our efforts we strive to continue building and sustaining a community movement that will improve environmental practices.

We combine education with hands-on stewardship to make our community greener, cleaner and more livable. Our programs activate thousands of volunteers each year in hands-on community improvement activities, where they learn how to take personal responsibility for improving their local community and our environment.

Our work (on the ground) is carried out by a local network of over 400 community groups and participating organizations.  Working together, we are engaging and inspiring community and environmental stewardship in 4 focus areas.


  • Litter Prevention:  Defining litter, identifying the cause, reducing it, organizing cleanups and educating residents on proper waste handling.
  • Graffiti Prevention:  Defining graffiti, identifying the cause, reducing it, organizing cleanups and educating residents on property maintenance.
  • Recycling/Waste Reduction: Reducing the impact of solid waste in our community through integrated programs including source reduction and reuse, recycling, composting, and educating residents about reducing waste and waste disposal options.
  • Environmental Improvement: Reducing the impact of our individual daily actions as it affects our air and water quality, water quantity, and land.


HOW DO WE DO OUR WORK?  We use a comprehensive process created for Keep America Beautiful, the nation’s leading community improvement organization.  This KAB process was developed by behavioral scientists.

The five steps of the KAB Attitude Change Process are:

  • Gathering and Analyzing Facts to Identify Issues
  • Involving All Sectors of the Community in On-Going Programs
  • Developing and Implementing Systematic Comprehensive Plans
  • Monitoring and Evaluating Results
  • Providing Positive Reinforcement


For more than 30 years, we have been reaching out to all segments of our community to educate and engage individuals and institutions to take greater personal responsibility for improving our environment and quality of life.  Each year’s successes have created a greener, cleaner, and more livable community for all Gwinnettians.